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hooray, im back [Saturday
April 14th, 2007 at 9:37pm]
[ mood | content ]

I went to a concert at sierra and was so happy and thought to myself- i wish i had somewhere to post these feelings and then i remembered LJ! yay! So ive come to 2 conclusions:
number one. music is my life and makes me happy
number two. i love seeing happy people doing what makes them happy

Ive always enjoyed music. Just about any style/genre whatever. Ive never realized how much its apart of my life though. I went to a jazz concert at school and loved that cause it was so peppy/ old school...i cant explain it. But the whole atmosphere was great. I love seeing such different people- skin color, height, school major...whatever- all come together to sing and play music because its what they have in common and its what they love to do, and they can all do it together and get along regardless of their differences. Makes me happy to get away from work where all that matters in that world is how much money you have. With these people, they dont give a shit who you are- as long as you're nice and honest.

There was a band playing during lunch the other day and these 2 guys (one of em i was SURE was a girl, but i was wrong) were dancing like theres no tomorrow. Like for 45 minutes straight- these guys were dancing machines and i loved watching them. They were just doing what they wanted cause its what they enjoy- regardless of what anyone thought of them. Im pretty sure they were on drugs which i dont think is cool- but the fact that they danced their hearts out made me extremely happy and i almost wanted to join them cause it looked like they were having so much fun, but im not really the dancing in public type.
I dont think any of this makes sense, but it does in my head.

Tonight i went to a wind symphony concert at school and i never used to be a fan of "classical" music. It wasnt allowed in my car. But now whenever i hear it, i can picture scenes from a movie or make up my own visuals and it goes perfectly. I love hearing how everything works perfectly together. I dig the guys who play the trombone and tuba though- i think its very cool of them to play something that most people wouldnt choose cause they think it sounds ugly or something. Fuck what people think- do what you want.

and ive realized these are my favorite kind of people- the ones who do what they want to because its what they want to do...they have a passion and it makes their personality so much better cause theyre so open minded. Whether its a passion for politics, music, baseball, coffee- whatever. Find what you like and stick to it.
This is why im moving to san fran- i know that these people are over the place and id love to have friends who know what they care about and make an effort to stick with that cause it's pretty much WHO they are

Im totally rambling. I doubt anyone will read this and im sorry if you do and totally hate it. I was just typing what was in my brain and i think it only makes sense up there. I felt like watching little miss sunshine today, but im pretty tired so we'll see if that actually happens. Goodnight kids.


it's been years... [Monday
September 25th, 2006 at 12:30am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey everyone, I dont know if this will be read but i thought id re-cap my good day before i get back to homework.
1. Family time:
Wake up to neice yelling, but it was fine. I got to play baseball with her for a bit, we colored, we sang princess songs, and we fought over mom's ring (i won). I left my house before 3 to go to nates
2. Church/ second family time:
Rode in the car with the whole fam damly to church. Saw some heckof pretty houses and foiliage on the way. Got to hear some nice perspectives from the ministers. I had fun on the way home chatting with mom dos and nate. I dont even remember much about what was said, but i remember laughing and not worrying about how im acting or looking or if im doing ok with the parents
3: Homework
I got some more reading and highliting done for the day even when i wasnt at home, so i was pretty proud and felt accomplished. Then came dinner
4. Dinner/ second family time again:
We had spaghetti and awesome garlic cheese bread toast stuff= yumm. Stevie was sad, but nate told stories of the 5 chinese brothers and it lightened the mood even though i had no idea when the story started. After dinner, Joanna, the littlest sib. read me 2 stories (Pablo the Penguin, and the 5 Chinese Brothers)- they are now my favs.
5: Friends time:
After family time, we met up with robert, kasey, stephen, and stephen's friend...i dont know her name. We were gonna play mini golf but it was too late so we saw jackass 2 instead. That was sooo f'ng funny. I can't remember the last time i laughed so hard. I still have a headache it hurts to laugh so much.
So, that was my awesome day. Got a little bit of every world and I'm pretty happy at this point. Sorry if this bores anyone and sorry if i spelled anything wrong because im not gonna go back and fix it after this. Peace


bryce avary is my god [Monday
November 14th, 2005 at 12:50am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Ok, i haven't written in a long time but it's cause i never have anything to say. Thanks to derek though, i thought of something that has been bugging the crap out of me lately. He mentioned that the rocket summer is "happily boring"- this statement cut me deep. I'm not mad at him, because not everyone likes the same music, whatever floats your boat...but when you put happiness and boring right next to each other- that just has to be extremely adjusted. I don't get it. Ive seriously been contemplating this lately, what the hell is wrong with the world today to hate life so much. Maybe they don't hate life, but the amount of bitching and smirks i notice all day everyday is starting to make me mad. What's your problem?? Why are you so mad?? Where's the love in a lap dance? These are the questions i ask myself. I think being happy is pretty fucking entertaining cause its so rare these days. Its really not that hard, you guys should try it. When you're in a store or in your car or at home or in an airplane or in a field or in your room or at the zoo...if you hear music- GET UP AND DANCE. Im telling you, it's fun! If people look at you weird- keep dancing, if you get tired- keep dancing, if there's no music at all- keep dancing. (ha, got you there. I knew you were thinking 'im not gonna hear any music in a field you tard! what do i do then?') I'm telling you! This works! It's fun. If this music thing doesn't work, just try to smile, seriously. Why do people complain about little things so much? Next time i hear people bitch about little problems or complain with im-gonna-slit-my-wrists-and-cry-in-a-corner-ness, know what im gonna do? I'm gonna whip out some handcuffs, cuff them to a chair, sit on them, and force them to listen to the hush sound until i see a smile or some form of dancing movement. I just think that people who cry rivers they can't climb over, are gonna be stuck on the stranded side and no one will be there to help because they don't deserve it. I work 30 hours a week and go to school full time. Next time you wanna cry me a river- try having my life. It's not that easy either bitch! But do i whine? Probably a tad, but then i think to myself- wait- i'm not a stupid pansy who hates life, so what do i do? I listen to the rocket summer! Im telling you guys, "you gotta hear this song- it'll change your life, i swear." This Is Me. I guess that's my point to this lj. Ive come to the conclusion that the world needs to hear more rocket summer. Bryce will save your life! Bryce for Pres!


duck duck goose [Monday
October 3rd, 2005 at 10:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

name 10 things that make you happy,
in random order.
then tag 5 people...

1. my movie maracca crew
2. coffee
3. DISNEY!!!!!!!!!
4. badass bargain shopping
5. Houston Calls and the Rocket Summer
6. nice people- mean people really do suck
7. quoting movies is just about the funnest on earth, especially with other people and you finish each other's sentences. Preferrably Mean Girls, Anchorman, Garden State and Superstar. Bonus points include: imitating voices, singing and/or quoting disney movies, re-enacting dance moves (pretty sure i've perfected that one)
8. Sebastien
9. orange and brown
10. Michael Jackson's greatest hits

Tag: Amber, Nate, Nate dos, Erin, Maddy


September 18th, 2005 at 1:51am]
[ mood | bored ]

001. I know the choreography to almost every wiggles and nsync song
002. If love is a labor, i'll slave to the end. I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand
003. If I don't get my daily dose of rocket summer, i'm not a happy camper at all
004. I could school your ass at line dancing
005. My best friend who i go on "hot dates" with rhymes with eight
006. I like to buy toys from fast food restaurants seperate from the meal, preferrably musical instruments and disney characters
007. Everything can be repaired with duct tape
008. My first speech in public speaking was on the history of duct tape
009. Orange is the new black
010. I'm convinced I am The Little Mermaid
011. I heart the smell of gasoline and WD40
012. Don't ever try to convince me the Wizard of Oz is a Disney movie
013. Dora's my favorite Explora
014. ESPN 8- the ocho- is the best channel on the planet
015. I have an entire shelf of disney coffee mugs in my kitchen (travel mugs not included)
016. I can pretty much quote Mean Girls from start to finish
017. I honestly believe Shia Labeouf is the greatest actor on the planet, other than Vince Vaughn
018. I have a pcoket thesaurus
019. Amber Melvin and Andrew Franco are the coolest kids on the planet
020. My dream truck is a ginormously lifted chevy silverado covered in harley davidson and occ stickers


this is side one, flip me oveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [Wednesday
August 31st, 2005 at 11:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Nate told me i should update and i'm a master procrastinator with hw, so here i am! I'm just gonna talk about my past week in no particular order. I'll start with today cause that's the freshest in my memory. Went to school, hung out with amber, mad dawg, met up with kristen and austin, had some good lectures in class (btw i heart college). Bought everything else i needed for school for a grand-fucking-total of 65 bucks! Impressed? i sure as hell was! So here i am listening to fall out boy trying to figure out what else happened. Franklin's distracting me with his chatting up the love of my life- will armstrong or stronghold...something masculine like that- from sky high. I also went to the park today, played some basketball, ate some chicken (maybe some sex, lmao. i hope someone gets this chicken and sex reference).

I started school on monday, it was fun. I got to show off my new backpack that i heart. A while ago i bought some sick ass vans with amber, but i haven't worn them yet. We saw 40 year old virgin that day with nate too. Fun times. Maybe tomorrow and people will look at me with my new shoes and say, "wow, that girl looked like a crappy poser the whole week, but those shoes are fucking snazzy and make up for everything else!" In my mind, that's how i think of my wardrobe and shit.

Earlier this week, nate and i went to the spaghetti factory and that was the shit. Later we went to franklin's, played disney scene it, and watched the wedding singer. (Everyone wishes they had our awesome glenn-imposter moves)Yesterday me, nate, franklin, and andrew had some pizza and they bought some unmentionables in walgreens, then watched anchorman at my house. "I read that girl's period's attract bears. the bears can smell the menstration!"

Did i miss anything? I don't know, but i heart my backpack, and i heart going on swings in the park, and laying under trees at school (when it's not wet or in an ant hill), pink milk and little flake things, and brian fantana.

That's all i've got for now, so be safe and dance like no one's watching. Peace!


so make it up, break it up [Monday
July 18th, 2005 at 4:13pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I haven't updated in years so this might be long or it'll be kinda short- depending on how much detail i feel like getting into, but this has been just about the best weekend ever. My b-day was on friday so a buttload of us all took our trucks and went camping. It was so awesome. We listened to music by the fire, went swimming all night, and the next day we rented a jet ski that kept us busy all day, but now all of us are sore and can't even move- i'm paralyzed the most. The guys are used to it and can handle it better than me. Then saturday night my family and i went out to dinner which was cool and nate filled our water 5 thousand times, haha. Sunday night...omfg. How many times have i ranted about the rocket summer? If you still haven't heard them yet, i cannot tell you how much you're missing out on. At first i thought bryce was this fruitcake but his music was cool. This kid is fucking awesome. He plays the guitar and dances, plays the drums, plays the piano...he does it all. I HEART him. Not to mention while he was playing he kept pointing to me and singing to me cause i was spazzing out the most out of everyone in the Boardwalk. Then we had hellogoodbye...i swear, i can't even explain how awesome this show was. The singer of houston calls was on stage the whole time playing the shaker while marcus played the tambourine. They had confetti and everything. Everyone was dancing, not moshing or standing around- straight up dancing. it was so fun. After the show i bought a rocket summer shirt. I was looking around not diggin much, but then i saw a coffee cup on one that says "start your day right." And i was like hell yeah! Coffee and the rocket summer? Is there anything better? I THINK NOT. I talked to Bryce for a tad afterwards and i wanted a picture so i was like, "Hey, throw up some gang signs for me." I sure as hell hope that picture turns out or i'm gonna cry. I can't wait until he comes back. I can't wait for the rest of the summer, there's so many more b-days coming up so we're gonna be partying and camping just about every weekend. Mom's wedding is this weekend. I need to get a haircut asap or she's gonna kill me. haha, allright, well i hope this wasn't too boring.


usually i have a song lyrics to write, but i'm not listening to anything [Sunday
July 3rd, 2005 at 1:01pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Whelp, let me just say that it is sooo nice to sleep in till noon and not have to get up and go to work all day. Went to warped tour yesterday. I saw The Staring Line, Fall Out Boy, Offspring, Thrice, Atreyu, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, and Hawthorne Heights. I fucking missed MCS!!!! The main reason i wanted to go to this damn show! But nooo...they just HAD to play at 11 o frickin clock in the morning when no one's even there yet! Hidden in plain view was super early too so i missed them. It was sad, but still fun. So i'm just sitting here on my mini vacation. I don't know what the fizz i'm doing for the 4th, which is tomorrow. I don't even know what city i'm gonna be in at this point. Oh well. So i've learned that even if it's hotter than a bitch at warped and you wanna wear a tank top or something...a t-shirt is better because YOU WILL GET BURNED. My 3rd warped tour and i still haven't learned my lesson. Get burnt like a wombat everytime. But maybe it's not what i wear or how much sunscreen i put on cause god knows its a lot, but doesn't help. I think the problem is that I'M WHITE. It's not fair. I'm super hungry so i think i'm gonna try to find some food.


why am i so misunderstood... [Thursday
June 23rd, 2005 at 8:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The Music Meme: List your 6 current favorite songs and then pick 6 people who have to do the same.

whoever wants to post is fine with me. But it's fun to see what others are listening to. Maybe we'll have something in common. Mine are:

1.Never knew- the rocket summer
2.picket fence cartel- at the drive in
3.everything is allright- motion city soundtrack
4.beautiful disaster- kelly clarkson (i can't lie, i love that cd)
5.someone else's arms- mae
6.amtrak is for lovers- houston calls


mommys allright, daddys allright, they just seem a little weird [Tuesday
June 7th, 2005 at 10:11am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED! AHHHH. I passed my gov. final with 74% meaning....i'm done with High School! Omg, i wanna jump and dance and scream. I was fucking speeding home blasting Thursday. I don't even give a shit about this "threat" towards grad. My mom's having a cow, but lol i don't even care. It's probably some angry kids who aren't graduating cause my school's a bitch and make so many requirements...everyone fails. I think we're gonna have a small graduating class this year. Probably the smallest compared to every school around here. Maybe now the teachers will realize they need to fucking lighten up and give us a break. We've worked our asses off for 3 other years. Give us a damn break, geez. Lol, i don't know what to do with myself, how to celebrate first. I'm at home so i'll prob clean a bit, pick up christina, get the MCS cd, lay in the sun...oh god, i can't even describe how happy i am. The poor guys in my class were shaking in their knickers because they were so close to failing the final and the class- which is ANOTHER grad requirement. I felt bad for them. They were all hugging and scared. Tomorrow i'm gonna check out and see lords of dogtown, woot! Lol, i seriously can't sit here. I gotta move around. Hope everyone has as good of a day as me! I'M DOOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE!


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